Balaji Hospital provides complete healthcare services for adults and children
Our doctors in each medical specialty are well experienced, devoted to your wellbeing
We are close by to you in your city, open round the clock

Micro Biology

Our specialties are multitude in scope, and we service pediatrics, adults and geriatrics. We additionally offer Digital X-Ray, Ultra sound Scan, ECHO, PFT and Audiometry services.

24 Hours Service

Your health or your loved one’s health could suddenly take a turn for the worse. We provide immediate remedy, with 24 x 7 emergency and ambulance services.

Qualified Doctors

Your step to good health begins with a master health check-up. Patients are screened, diagnosed and then meet with our medical specialists for consultations

Emergency Departments

Our pathologists and clinicians provide you with accurately diagnosed, laboratory test results. And if you are in urgent need of medication, our attached pharmacy will tend to it.